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flavin7_200ml_smallFlavin7 Gold is the world's only and best liquid polyphenol concentrate, proven by clinical tests to be highly effective.

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Former Flavin compared to the new and improved Flavin7 Gold










"Recent years, there has been an increasing interest in diets rich in fruits and vegetables and this is mostly due to their presumed role in in the prevention of various degenerative diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases..." (PMID: 21073258) 

INRS-ETE, Université du Québec, 490 Rue de la Couronne, Québec, Canada

"Berry flavonoids and phenolics: bioavailability and evidence of protective effects..." (PMID: 20955651)

Department of Public Health, University of Parma, Parma, Italy

"Challenges for research on polyphenols from foods in Alzheimer's disease:
bioavailability, metabolism, and cellular and molecular mechanisms..." (PMID: 18557624)

INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier, 531 Boulevard des Prairies, Laval, Québec, Canada





Success Stories

fishing 05 005Bruce from Alberta discusses his challenges with liver cancer.



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